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Restaurant & Bars

The Restaurant

- The Restaurant -

Indulge yourself in the finest cuisine, infused with ingredients from the most prestigious countries around the world.  With a beautiful panoramic view of central Abuja, and with the Great Wall of Jake's offering a more lucid experience, the Restaurant is designed to alight all of your senses. 

- The Lounge -

Inspire yourself with the mastered cocktails of Jake's, each ingredient individually chosen for the Lounge to broaden your imagination beyond its limits, and to heighten your sense of taste. 

The Lounge

- The Casino -

The Casino

Immerse yourself in an intimate gaming space with a  cozy and welcoming atmosphere.  Complete with a fully stocked bar, food menu, and seats built for pure comfort. The Casino is sure to exceed your imagination. 

The Restaurant
Food & Drink

- Food & Drink Menus -

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